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Information Technology Review (ITR) for Software

The Information Technology Review (ITR) process is part of CSUSM’s commitment to making the resources and tools used on campus accessible, secure, and compatible with our IT infrastructure. Before the purchase, IITS can make sure the campus does not already own the software, have something similar, or the intended purchase is excluded from this process.

At a Glance

Get Started

The ITR Process is a streamlined set of steps to that focuses on three areas related to campus technology purchases: security, accessibility and compatibility. 

Take the following steps to get started:

  1. Review the list of already available software.
  2. Search the IT Service Catalog for existing services.

Once the above steps are completed then use this form to submit the request: ITR Request Form (Login is required).

Faculty, Staff

Request form is available 7x24, Support is available 8 to 5 M-F

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Help and FAQs

Preparing to submit the ITR form

Check here for what needs to be submitted?

After the ITR Form is submitted

Support Team
Contact the ITR Support team (

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ITR Exclusion List:


Accessibility Impact

The impact assessment framework is used to promote a consistent approach to assessing the risk factors of products to purchase. 

ATI Exemptions

The ITR Process is not the Procurement process

Information and Computer Technology (ITC) Defined